Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste

Enrich your insider risk management strategy and disarm threats before they cause harm

Power plants don’t just generate electricity—nuclear reactors and materials also facilitate millions of medical procedures annually, aid in food irradiation and are used in construction and oil exploration. An attack or error at the hands of insiders could pose significant risks to these facilities and the communities that surround them. Prevent disruption and damage to nuclear assets with Red Vector Fulcrum.


Pursuing Actionable Visibility in the Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste Sector

Unlike outside threats, insiders with authorized access to nuclear facilities and control systems may have the opportunity to premeditate a malicious act and remain undetected until it's too late. Red Vector Fulcrum is designed to identify physical, virtual and human risk indicators to proactively mitigate malevolent acts and erroneous errors. From collecting raw data to reporting on key metrics and trends, Fulcrum is a whole-person solution to an innately human problem.

Prevent sabotage

Thwart IP theft

Increase safety

Counteract violence

Reduce cybercrime

Prevent reputational harm

Enhance operations

Mitigate risk

Stay strategic

Maintain compliance

Limit financial loss

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