Commercial Facilities

Elevate your defensive posture without sacrificing employee privacy

From hotels and theme parks to sports stadiums and retail centers, commercial facilities attract millions of people each year to gather, shop, dine, enjoy entertainment and conduct business. As a result, these hubs are susceptible to attacks carried out by trusted insiders, putting public safety and the national economy at risk. Safeguard public and private spaces and secure peace of mind with Red Vector Fulcrum.

Pursuing Actionable Visibility in the Commercial Facilities Sector

For public and private organizations alike, a positive security culture starts from within. Most companies across the commercial facilities sector are vigilant when it comes to preventing insider attacks, but even the most robust security programs often fall short. That’s where Red Vector Fulcrum comes in. Our platform is the only Whole Person Insider Risk Management tool on the market that automatically synthesizes all virtual, physical and human indicators of risk into a single, seamless solution for total threat protection.

Prevent sabotage

Thwart IP theft

Increase safety

Counteract violence

Reduce cybercrime

Prevent reputational harm

Enhance operations

Mitigate risk

Stay strategic

Maintain compliance

Limit financial loss

Red Vector

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