Healthcare and Public Health

Protect vital data and improve the health of your insider risk management program

Healthcare organizations face challenges on every front. In addition to protecting sensitive patient and financial data, they must ensure the safety and security of clinical and virtual environments and maintain regulatory compliance at all times. Our Whole Person Insider Risk Management solution addresses all facets of insider risk, from cyber threats to human behavioral indicators, so your teams can focus on providing life-saving care and protecting public health.


Pursuing Actionable Visibility in the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

In the healthcare space, the damage and disruption caused by trusted insiders can be catastrophic. However, not all insiders act with malicious intent—inadvertent employee errors can have negative consequences, too, especially when they involve protected health information (PHI). Red Vector Fulcrum is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare security systems, strengthening their effectiveness and multiplying their impact. With Fulcrum, you can protect patient and employee privacy, secure interconnected medical devices, ensure compliance and take a significant step toward promoting a positive security culture.

Prevent sabotage

Thwart IP theft

Increase safety

Counteract violence

Reduce cybercrime

Prevent reputational harm

Enhance operations

Mitigate risk

Stay strategic

Maintain compliance

Limit financial loss

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