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The digital era is fueled by the nation’s complex and increasingly interconnected energy sector. As electricity, oil and natural gas companies become more reliant on ever-evolving technologies and other critical infrastructure sectors, they also become more vulnerable to nefarious and negligent insider threats. Enhance the capacity of your risk mitigation teams and improve your defensive posture with Red Vector Fulcrum.


Pursuing Actionable Visibility in the Energy Sector

From the U.S. Department of Energy to private task forces, organizations in the energy sector are working to prevent attacks on the electrical grid and secure national supply chains. Red Vector is joining the mission to protect critical infrastructure with the first Whole Person Insider Risk Management solution. With Fulcrum, our holistic, highly intuitive platform, you can tailor risk models, automate your existing cyber and physical security processes, analyze multiple vectors and get ahead of risks before they become full-blown threats.

Prevent sabotage

Thwart IP theft

Increase safety

Counteract violence

Reduce cybercrime

Prevent reputational harm

Enhance operations

Mitigate risk

Stay strategic

Maintain compliance

Limit financial loss

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