Increase openness, reduce the risk of reputational harm.

Fulcrum by Red Vector

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Increase reliability, reduce financial fraud.

Fulcrum by Red Vector

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Increase safety, reduce injury in work environments.

Fulcrum by Red Vector

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Increase Integrity, reduce intellectual property theft.

Fulcrum by Red Vector

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Increase honesty, reduce the threat of espionage.

Fulcrum by Red Vector

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Increase Trust. Reduce Risk.

In today's digital age, network and data vulnerabilities have become a serious concern for enterprises. While there are solutions available to address some of these vulnerabilities, they often fail to account for the unpredictable nature of human behavior.
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Fulcrum™ Overview & Features

Watch our demo series and learn how our platform can protect your workforce against insider threats.

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Continuous Risk Evaluation

With Red Vector, you can continuously evaluate your organization’s risk environment to help detect anomalies in real time and stop emerging threats before they strike.

Pioneering Technology

Through advanced machine learning and algorithmic modeling, we automate the collection, analysis and intelligence assessment of insider risk using a wide range of existing virtual and physical data sources.

Unparalleled Visibility

Designed to provide a 360-degree detailed view of the trusted workforce, our platform uncovers previously unseen risks, behaviors, actions and external forces that can jeopardize an organization’s data, sensitive information, reputation and safety.

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Get left of threat.
Increase Trust, Reduce Risk
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