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Round-the-clock insider risk management from Red Vector

Detect. Assess. Respond. Resolve.
Mitigate insider risks before they pose a threat with Red Vector Fulcrum™

Fulcrum™ is a first-of-its-kind intelligence platform for Whole Person Insider Risk Management. By automatically aggregating virtual, physical and human risk indicators, Fulcrum empowers enterprises with the insights they need to proactively and effectively identify, manage and resolve insider threats.

What We Do

We equip organizations with actionable visibility. Fulcrum is the only truly holistic information collection platform that uses predictive analytics to pinpoint risk-prone behaviors, activities and interactions, allowing for early detection and intervention.

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Continuous Risk Evaluation

With Red Vector, you can continuously evaluate your organization’s risk environment to help detect anomalies in real time and stop emerging threats before they strike.

Pioneering Technology

Through advanced machine learning and algorithmic modeling, we automate the collection, analysis and intelligence assessment of insider risk using a wide range of existing virtual and physical data sources.

Unparalleled Visibility

Designed to provide a 360-degree detailed view of the trusted workforce, our platform uncovers previously unseen risks, behaviors, actions and external forces that can jeopardize an organization’s data, sensitive information, reputation and safety.

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SOURCE: Ponemon Institute, 2022


Average Annual Cost


Negligent Insiders


Criminal Insiders


Annual Cost for Negligent Incidents


Annual Cost for Criminal Incidents


Annual Cost for Credential Theft
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