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Detect and deter insider threats before they impact national security and civilian safety

The U.S. government contends with an increasing number of sophisticated threat vectors, ranging from domestic extremist groups to state-sponsored attackers. Mitigating risks in real time isn’t enough—government agencies need to identify and thwart attacks before they come to fruition. However, security analysts at the Insider Threat Hub must often toggle between multiple cyber platforms and risk management systems to get the full view of their risk profile. Eliminate inefficient “swivel-chair” management and see the unseen with Red Vector Fulcrum.


Pursuing Actionable Visibility in the U.S. Government Sector

The National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF), established in 2011, has intensified the U.S. government’s efforts to secure critical infrastructure and protect American citizens from the harm caused by insider threats, whether they are malicious or unintentional. Designed by counterintelligence experts and purpose-built for insider threat analysts, Red Vector fills the gaps in governmental insider risk programs and helps NITTF achieve its mission. Fulcrum integrates seamlessly with existing security systems, providing round-the-clock evaluation of all physical, virtual and human threat indicators to deliver a comprehensive, whole-person risk mitigation solution.

Prevent sabotage

Thwart IP theft

Increase safety

Counteract violence

Reduce cybercrime

Prevent reputational harm

Enhance operations

Mitigate risk

Stay strategic

Maintain compliance

Limit financial loss

Red Vector

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