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Learn from Red Vector's CEO, Steve Layne the Vision, Mission, and Values behind Red Vector, and the team we are building.


Red Vector delivers advanced insider risk analysis solutions used by institutions globally to reduce and eliminate threats before risks manifest.


Protecting the world’s critical infrastructure from risks posed by trusted insiders.


We are transforming the operational effectiveness of insider risk programs using the power of link analysis, machine learning, and flexible risk models which perform continuous evaluation of the Trusted Workforce.


• Trust
• Integrity
• Openness
• Innovation
• Commitment
• Leadership
• Passion and Fun


We possess extensive Insider Risk, Cybersecurity, Product Research & Development, Enterprise Risk and Legal experience as trusted partners for global enterprises and governments. Our operating experience spans a wide range of industries.

Working Together To Provide Holistic Insider Risk Solutions

We partner with an array of firms worldwide that provide a diverse set of products and services addressing Insider Risk. The ecosystem we are developing serves as a force multiplier for our customers and provides significant value to their existing investments in Insider Risk solutions.

We focus on partners from the following sectors:

Insider Risk Consulting Organizations

Cyber Security Solutions Vendors

Human Resource Management Systems

Public Record Providers

Enterprise-Level Security Firms

Government Contractors
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Consultants - Service Providers - Technology

Partner with the Leaders in Holistic Insider Risk technology to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to organizations worldwide.

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Red Vector offers in-depth training and certification on our solutions, and provides a comprehensive set of APIs and Interfaces for the exchange of data.

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