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Red Vector Unveils its Fourth Generation Whole-Person Insider Threat Solution: Fulcrum 4.0
“Red Vector's Fulcrum platform is our answer to complex workforce challenges in cyber and physical security identifying risks before they become incidents.” -- Insider Risk Program Management Leader, Fortune 500 Company

VALLEY FORGE, PA – November 7, 2023 – Advancing the technology of enterprise security solutions, Red Vector is thrilled to introduce its next generation insider risk management AI-powered platform, Fulcrum® 4.0. Our latest version builds on the foundation we established balancing the unique needs of insider risk practitioners while incorporating the most stringent privacy, security and auditing requirements. The solution addresses a broad spectrum of workforce challenges, including data theft, espionage, sabotage, fraud, corruption, safety and workplace violence resulting in a more trusted and safer workforce.

"Our Red Vector Fulcrum 4.0 platform stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to address the specific needs of insider risk practitioners. Over the past six years, we've actively partnered and collaborated with security professionals, deriving invaluable insights to shape this offering," shared Ollie Luba, Chief Product Officer at Red Vector. "Fulcrum 4.0 offers an intuitive user experience, automating numerous tasks to enhance the productivity of insider risk professionals, allowing them to focus more on their core role of insider risk identification and mitigation. "

Rolling out now to all our customers, Red Vector Fulcrum 4.0 includes the following enhancements and features:

  • Deployment Flexibility: Fulcrum operates either on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Intuitive new User Interface: Ease of navigation and workflow optimized for insider risk analysts.
  • Continuous Scoring Models: Streaming analytics with near-real time results.
  • Accelerated Analytic Processing: Delivering a transformative 10x boost in analytics processing speed with support to very large-scale enterprises.
  • Flexible Data Ingestion: Empowering analysts to seamlessly integrate new data sources or make changes.
  • Behavioral Analytics: Uncovering anomalous patterns with machine learning.
  • Enhanced Reporting with Organizational Metrics and Case Management: New insights for improved strategic and tactical business decision making.
  • Security Infrastructure: Incorporating top-tier encryption safeguarding methods.
  • Authentication Integration: Strengthened security with simplified access mechanisms.
  • Model Building & Data Privacy Features: Intuitive risk model definition process coupled with data masking and approver roles.
  • Specialized Auditor Role: Direct audit trail access from the user interface, ensuring transparency.
  • Latest Security Libraries: Integrated to minimize vulnerabilities and bolster platform resilience.

"By converging cyber and physical security under one whole-person insider risk management platform, we are pioneering an ecosystem where businesses can proactively, rather than reactively, address challenges, all thanks to the AI-driven capabilities of Fulcrum 4.0," said Steve Layne, Co-founder & CEO.

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Red Vector, a global cyber and physical security leader, has redefined insider risk security with a next generation whole-person insider threat platform for protecting organizations from a broad range of threat vectors. Red Vector’s insider risk management platform uses a flexible, AI-powered analytics engine to enable a more trusted workforce.

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